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Revamped's mandate is to save clothing waste , we have been doing sew in Parkdale Toronto for 10 years. 

What is a clothing alteration?

Clothing alterations are not as extensive as tailoring an entire garment to the perfect fit. Some clothes require adjustments known as repairs, focused on a particular area, not necessarily a full revamp. 

Denim crotch repair Toronto

For example: Your favorite pair of jeans if they haven't already, will need repairs in the crotch area. This is a very popular alteration, in the inner seam  (crotch) of the pants, known as a stress point. Consider how much we move around in our clothes, it makes sense the fibers would break down and need repair. This area can be repaired using a technique called invisible mending.

A webbed or similar fabric backing is placed behind the tear to help secure the broken fibers that are then sewn in the direction of the fabric weave. 




What is jean

tapering and



Keeping with a denim theme, another common alteration, more involved than a repair would be to taper and hem the jeans. A sure way to feel good in your clothes is to have them fit as best they can! Tapering refers to gradually narrowing the leg of a pant towards the ankle. The result is a loose and comfy fit at the top brought in at the leg for a crisp look. The length of pants can make or break the "look" of a good fit. When performing this type of alteration, adjusting the hem, may or may not be necessary. A hem is a method of turning under and sewing the raw edge of your project to finish it off professionally and prevent fraying.


So , then What is Tailoring?


Revamped clothes, Toronto alterations and repairs

 Whereas when we speak of alterations and repairs, we're looking at what you could call sub-sections of tailoring. Tailoring is the larger picture. It encompasses both clothing repair and alterations but includes overhauling the clothes,  adapting them to fit the wearer as best they can. To be considered a tailor, one must have skill and experience with many types of clothes. Not all tailors are made equally, each will specialize in a certain area of garment alteration. 

 What is a seamstress?

The term “seamstress” specifically refers to a female The term for the male counterpart to a seamstress is "seamster." The term “tailor” is more commonly used and is gender neutral.


Custom Shirt -Revamped Clothing

Why are clothing alterations so "Expensive" in Toronto?

Hinging on the garments' material and design, altering clothes can at times be more challenging than constructing a brand new piece.

Creating a shirt from scratch for examples involves pattern  pieces measured and cut to size assembled in a specific manor. Alterations involve reviewing how a garment was constructed , using a keen eye to make sure to carefully open seams ( so as to not damage the fabric ) and rejoin them properly for the right fit. It's important to understand that this requires time, effort and skill on behalf of the alterations specialist . Alterations also require the client to be measured and return for possibly multiple fittings. Regardless of what you have paid for your garment, having it Revamped to fit will be an additional cost, yes,  sometimes more than the initial price of the garment. At the end of the day alterations are not expensive, our problem lies in fast fashion and the lower costs associated with these types of clothing has created a false sense of value, or rather less value. 


Can any clothing be altered to fit?

When bringing items in to have them altered or Revamped it's important to remember there is of course a limit to how much a garment can be reimagined.

Speak to your local professional seamstress, with an understanding that they have the knowledge of what they're capable of doing for you with certain fabrics and shapes. When altering clothes , It's always best to have more fabric to work with, this results in more options.


How much should a tailor cost?

 There’s of course a  limit to how much a garment can be repurposed through alterations alone, and complicated alterations can be considered "expensive". However, weighing the costs against good clothing that fits well , will result in loving your clothes longer ; saving the environment by extending the life of your clothes!



  See Revamped  price list below.

Clothing Alterations


Patches and mending

Starting at $6.00

Button replacement/repairs

Starting at $4.00

Adding Pockets Alterations

Starting at $14.00

Pant hem

Starting at $12.00

Denim repair

Starting at $16.00

Jean tapper

Starting at $19.00

Euro Denim Hem

Starting at $15.00

Skirt hem

Starting at $16.00


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