Revamped Parkdale Toronto Clothing Alteration Zip Tips

6 ways to lube your Zip!




Do you have a zipper that just won't budge? Before you ditch your favorite digs try these tricks using everyday household products!

 First check that there’s no fabric  jammed in the teeth or a loose thread isn't the source of the obstruction. If there’s no obstruction we can move on to lubrication. The following is a list of 6 different household products that you can try to get your zipper going.

Olive Oil –  Dappen a cotton swab with a bit of olive oil ( be careful to not use too much) dab around the zipper pull where the teeth meet. Open and close the zipper with a bit of force, it should loosen up! 

Graphite - The tip of a lead pencil – run up and down the teeth as though you are colouring a masterpiece, once coated  zip and unzip until a smooth action is achieved.

Crayon – Just like graphite rub the crayon against the teeth near the stuck section ( don’t worry this will not permanently stain your zipper) 

Soap – Best to grab an unscented bar soap , although liquid will work,  rub up and down the teeth using the zipper, pull open and close the zipper with force until a smooth action is achieved.

Wax Paper – rub a bit of wax paper and down the teeth near the obstructed zipper pull open and close the zipper with force until a smooth action is achieved.

Glass cleaner/Windex - As a less attractive smelling option  using a small amount of “windex “ Soak the fabric around the zipper  – zip with a bit of force until a smooth action is achieved. 

If you’ve exhausted these options and are still experiencing the issue, it may be that you in fact need your zipper replaced!  Zipper replacement costs vary depending on the zipper length , location and material. Contact your nearest alterations specialist for a consultation, or if you’re in Toronto reach out to us and we’ll unzip your woes.

Revamped Trivia: The zipper was originally used in footwear and bags for holding tobacco.
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